About Thomas and Natalie...

Natalie has a background in medical treatment at Ashbank Vet Centre and teaching Animal Management and Care at Norton College

Natalie has a talent for understanding animals and their needs, and the time and care she has spent socialising them means your visit can be special; up-close, safe and memorable. See what Animal Encounter Courses we offer.

Conservation of endangered species has always been close to Natalie's heart, so keeping Rare Breed livestock has become a priority. We keep the Large Black pig and extraordinary Mangaliza, which have been overlooked by the pig industry! Find out why on an academic course that explores the genetics of pedigree, agricultural productivity, and efficiency of energy transfer.

Natalie shares her story of life-threatening illness from Crohns Disease as a teenager, and how a natural diet of raw whole milk, pesticide-free fruit and vegetables, and antibiotic-free meat has transformed her gut microbiome. At the time of writing, Dr Tim Spector is leading the cutting-edge research into understanding the far-reaching effects of our symbiotic gut bacteria, natural fungi and harmless viruses in our intestines.

Tom studied Evolutionary Biology under Professor Frances Gilbert at Nottingham University, and postgraduate in Outdoor Education with Professor Peter Higgins at Edinburgh University.

Before moving to North Yorkshire in 2007, Tom has carried out research and taught outdoor environmental education in a diverse places;

Researching conservation and organic farming in Southern France funded by the Peter Kirk EU Scholarship Fund;

Researching the solitary bee Anthophora plumipes foraging behaviour in Portugal;

Teaching academic fieldwork in the Cevennes National Park;

Guiding mountaineering in the Arrochar Alps, and canoeing and sailing on Loch Goil for the Scouts Association;

Internship in sustainable living and organic farming at Wheems Farm, Orkney.


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