Between them, Thomas and Natalie Webborn have over twenty years experience delivering outdoor environmental education to all ages, in varied locations of in Cumbria, Scotland, Portugal, France and Egypt. Read more about us here 

We have worked with Schools and Universities near and far to deliver thousands of inspiring, thought-provoking experiences across a range of subjects that have occasionally changed lives.

We moved to Lime Tree Cottage in August 2010 to run an organic smallholding and are now self-sufficient in raw whole milk, free-range eggs and highest welfare meat, and enjoy seasonal organic fruit and vegetables cultivated using no-dig permaculture methods.

Please get in touch with your questions and suggestions, we very much look forward to hearing from you.



Food can be one of life's simple pleasures, but it is also our essential connection to the Earth, after Air and Water.

Our Edible Encounters course reveals the secrets of provenance and seasonality in enjoying the very tastiest meals possible.

Delight in reconnecting with where food comes from , or chew over such topics as food safety and traceability, waste in the supply chain, and  cost of food after Brexit...

You can have a taste of farming life tailored to the needs of KS1, KS2, GCSE, A-level, University and beyond...


You are invited to share the experience of this dynamic home where lives are fully lived, blood-sweat-&-tears are shed, and the final result may be edible!  We cater for all levels, KS1, KS2, GCSE, A-level, University and Communities...

Our Self-sufficiency Courses share the lessons we have learnt from our own years of refining techniques of self-sufficiency. Hands-on ecological permaculture, animal husbandry, and the day-to-day practicalities are examples of the content tailored to your level of interest. 

~ GROW ~ 

Plants and animals want to grow, and people are no different. We tailor specialist academic courses about food and farming for people of all ages, and in a range of contexts; KS1, KS2, GCSE, A-level, University and beyond...

Lime Tree Cottage is a space for people's latent roots to sprout, their tender shoots find support, their character blossoms, their ideas cross-pollinate, and their lives bear fruit in real communities.

We hope to help germinate the seed of curiosity in why the real world is the way it is, and support people to cultivate fulfilling life-long connection with the natural world.
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